Cast of Characters


He‟s quite eccentric and outspoken.







Owner of the Diner, She‟s been around long enough to not take crap from anyone and always be on charge.







Methodical man, soft spoken and a bit shy.






Male (fuck Kevin)

Head of Research

He was having an affair with two interns in Blind Corp. before he decided to break up with his long time partner and research annalist.







Senior Research Analyst.

Susan C. Boyle, 35 is head research analyst of the Science and Development dept. in Blind Corp. Located in the  beautiful little town of Sea Hawk bay. Town’s history is classified but the record shows her enrollment into Blind Corp. is fairly new. So new in fact, that there are some who speculate her speedy rank ascension is the product of careless decision making, made by the Senior Research Analyst Kevin Malone. Head Research Assistant to the Senior Research Analyst Matt Lemons said “she fucked her way to that position haha no pun intended… Say I think… Hold on… Ssshh… Shhh… Shut up damn it… I wanna… Hear, I wanna hear what’s…. Yeah… Tha–… Yeah thats exactly…. No I don’t think is the uh… No nono… It’s the uh.. It’s the… The fucking… Yeah! That’s it!… Isn’t it?.”

Sorry, I never really learned when it’s a good point to end a quote. Susan mentally feels she has reached through extensive work, and all those years of studying devotionally, her dream job. Emotionally she feels that her inequities and insecurities from her childhood keep hunting her till this day. Like when she was continually mocked and ridiculed by other children because of the fact that she can’t see the color 8, or the number 4 when the font size is really tiny and it’s been held from a window on the 108th floor of a building that is already on top of another building. Brian Sonbodeh a former classmate said “Susan? Uh… Susan… Susan from…wait… No thats… Who you taking about.”

Well, that wasn’t informative at all. I feel that I might have actually un-learned stuff at this point… Now hold… I’m getting a fax right now… Oh it looks legit. Same source so I don’t know how is it now suddenly legit.

Charlie “Huey” Reyes said “she was kind of unfortunate looking dude.”

Susan feels that the staff members in her research team constantly judge her and suspects her, this is due to the relationship between her and the only other person above her. The only document avaible on her data  bank was an e-mail to a Carol Demas and a Carol Smisth from Senior Research Analyst Kevin Malone. In this letter he says “…she knows… going to brake it off today, call me…” on one the e-mail to Carole he said “thursday @ 9” and to Carole “meet me next thursday @ 9 too.” Susan was last seen leaving with afro mentioned supervisor driving a company assigned vehicle.  She was last seen driving away from the Science and Development dept. in Blind Corp. Located in the  beautiful little town of Se– Actually… those facilities never existed.







Soft spoken, candid and sweet.







Tough spoken, solid and bitter.







He’s weird.
But he means (well.)







Outgoing and charming.







Witty, and introvertive.







Outgoing, pompous, arrogant, and a prick.







Typical Jarhead.







Mentally unstable, with reoccurring ticks and involuntary spasms.


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  1. Dear Susan, this is stonemkr in the uneitd states again, I would like to know if you are really getting these emails! I am alone is this world and would really like to know you. I sit by the phone and wonder why I even have a phone. I have been alone for several years and find it like I am waiting just for death. I am not sure how much longer I can do this. Not every one is my cup of tea and for sure I am not being thought of by anyone. I have not painted anything for a long time now, it seems I have given up on this also. Maybe just a note or email from you could help and maybe my email to you can help. I do not trust the news and do not know if you are alone and lonely like the magazines are saying. All I do know is that I am really all alone on the planet. I don’t even get emails, wow why have a computer,could it be that you and I could be email friends at least? My name is Shirley Rhynes and my email is .

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